About the Data

The Data

This database contains 40.7 GB of documentation of 1418 attacks in Syria allegedly as a result of Russian airstrikes during the 2015-2018 period. This data comes from 116 sources made up of individual citizen journalists, local and international media groups, as well as NGOs and civil society organisations. It is important to note that many if not all of these sources are partisan, and thus require caution with regards to their claims.

A total of 3303 relevant videos documenting alleged Russian airstrikes attacks were identified, the majority of which were published on YouTube. Additional documentation from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms will be incorporated into the database in the coming months.

The sheer amount of content being created, and the near constant removals of materials from public channels means that the Syrian Archive is in a race against time to preserve important documentation of crimes committed. Content preserved and verified by the Syrian Archive might offer the only evidence to corroborate witness testimonies of Russian attacks, and to implicate potential perpetrators.

Using the Database

Syrian Archive created the Database for a variety of audiences working on human rights monitoring in Syria. This includes journalists, who are be able to quickly find verified materials relating to hundreds of incidents, non-governmental organisations who use this material in their advocacy work, and lawyers, who use materials to seek accountability of perpetrators of these attacks.

Of importance to note is that much of the content contained in the database is highly graphic.

It is recommended users take precautions in viewing material.