Munitions Identified

Through its analysis of video documentation of alleged Russian airstrikes on civilians and civilian infrastructure, Syrian Archive identified 63 incidents in which cluster munitions were used, 39 incidents in which incendiary weapons were used, and 130 incidents in which thermobaric weapons were used. For all incidents identified, munitions were used unlawfully against civilians in Syria.

These figures are not all incidents in which alleged Russian airstrikes targeted specifically protected persons and objects. Rather, they refer only to incidents for which Syrian Archive has preserved and verified video documentation. The Syrian Archive will be using different types of tools including computer vision tools to discover more content about the use of illegal munitions.

Although Russia has, through official spokespersons, denied using cluster munitions in Syria, Russia Today was caught editing 20 June 2016 footage of Russian jets at Hmeymim airbase in Syria which inadvertently had showed RBK-500 ZAB 2.5SM incendiary munitions. Below is a video published by the Conflict Intelligence Team concerning this:

Unlike the Syrian government, Russia has signed up to the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) protocol prohibiting the use of air-dropped incendiary weapons in areas containing concentrations of civilians. This makes their use by Russian forces in Syria even more troubling.

The Syrian Archive will soon be releasing a verified video database concerning the use of illegal munitions by Syrian and Russian forces. Those videos were discovered manually by our researchers as well as automatically using VFRAME as shown below: