Further research - Eyes on Aleppo

Further research - Eyes on Aleppo

Wed Mar 29 2017

Though the battle for control of Aleppo city is now over, human rights research into violations committed during this time will continue for many years to come. In this report, the Syrian Archive has described a dataset of verified visual evidence of human rights violations in the battle for Aleppo.

In-depth analysis was able to be for only a few incidents identified. Further research is needed for other incidents which have not previously been reported on. Limited capacities mean that the Syrian Archive has not yet been able to conduct investigations on all incidents identified. It is hoped that additional time and resources will allow for further in-depth investigations of remaining incidents in the coming months.

Most video documentation provided in this report refers to crime-based evidence. That is, evidence connected to the scene of the crime rather than the person who commits an offence. Further research is needed to unravel and connect the linkages between crime and perpetrator based evidence.

Nonetheless, it is hoped that this research provides an evidence base for future investigations from civil society groups, journalists, human rights researchers, and international human rights organisations and governmental bodies. If you are interested in using our database for future human research, please do get in touch. You can reach us at info@syrianarchive.org.

Errors, corrections and feedback

The Syrian Archive strives for accuracy and transparency of process in our reporting and presentation. That said, it is recognised that the information publicly available for particular events can at times be limited. Our video datasets are therefore organically maintained, and represent our best present understanding of alleged incidents.

If you have new information about a particular event; if you find an error in our work - or if you have concerns about the way we are reporting our data - please do engage with us. You can reach us at info@syrianarchive.org.