Specific Attacks against Hospitals - Medical Facilities Under Fire

Specific Attacks against Hospitals - Medical Facilities Under Fire

Sat Jul 01 2017
An investigation about attacking Syrian hospitals

This section provides an overview of eight attacks on medical facilities (including hospitals and field clinics) in Idlib, verified by the Syrian Archive and its partners as having taken place during April 2017. For all incidents identified, visual content indicates that either Syrian or Russian forces attacked medical facilities treating civilians. This was determined by conducting an analysis of primary sources - such as verified video footage, flight data, and witness statements - as well as secondary sources, such as reports by international human rights organisations and media houses.


Determinations for each incident were reached through an analysis of video documentation, flight records and witness statements. By examining a variety of sources of information for each attack, the Syrian Archive was able to corroborate and strengthen the findings from their visual content dataset. Visual content gathered and verified by the Syrian Archive is extensively analysed - including in-depth geolocation and, when relevant, munition identification.

To cross-reference findings from visual content, flight observation data was provided to the Syrian Archive by an organisation employing a well-developed network of spotters. Following an analysis of the visual content and flight observation data, the Syrian Archive identified excerpts of statements from witnesses and victims collected by Syrians for Truth and Justice for Life and combined them with findings from their earlier analysis to provide corroborating witness statements for each attack. Full statements are included in the Appendix to this report.

Detailed overviews of each incident are provided in the following pages. An overview of the visual content is provided first, followed by an overview of the corroborating flight observation data and witness statements. All times provided are in Damascus local time, and in 24-hour format.