The Syrian Archive is a Syrian initiative that strives to promote sustainable peace and respect for human rights within Syrian society through facilitating justice and accountability.
This includes evidence gathering and documentation of incidents; the acknowledgment that war crimes and human rights violations have been committed by all sides; the identification of perpetrators to end the cycle of impunity and the development of a process of justice and reconciliation.

Our Mission is to

1. Support human rights advocates and citizen journalists in their efforts to document human rights violations in Syria by developing new tools to increase the quality of political activism, future prosecutions, human rights reporting and research on Syria.

2. Preserve and organise documentation relating to human rights violations in Syria committed by all actors in the conflict by providing a secure online repository and a database of metadata information to contextualise videos, audios, pictures and documents.

Working in partnership with several well-established Syrian human rights organizations, media activists, journalists and lawyers, the Syrian Archive will establish a shared archive to preserve material relating to human rights violations meeting international standards. The methodology of the work will be based on the following core principles:

- Content acquisition and standardization;

- Secure long term preservation;

- Cataloging and metadata enrichment;

- Accessibility and raising awareness.

Our Vision

The Syrian Archive vision is a Syrian democratic state defined by justice, equality, transparency and respect for human rights, where citizens from all different backgrounds live alongside each other in peace without fear of repression.