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Syrian Archive
Attacks on six internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in the Idlib countryside

Attacks on six internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in the Idlib countryside

Syrian Archive is a Syrian led project that aims to preserve, enhance and memorialise documentation of human rights violations and other crimes committed by all parties to conflict in Syria for use in advocacy, justice and accountability.

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Syrian Archive is a project of Mnemonic , a non-profit organisation dedicated to archiving disappearing digital material


We have reinstated 350,357 videos to social media platforms through our Lost and Found campaign

Our project (Re-)Humanization of the Syrian digital memory aims to investigate the “meaning(s)" of, what is today called, the "Syrian Digital Memory”


We create archives, investigate and memorialise the data we have collected, build tools, train others and work with platforms to reduce the impact of their harmful policies. Visit the Sudanese Archive, Yemeni Archive , and Ukrainian Archive

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Syrian Archive

The Syrian Archive is fully independent and accepts no money from governments directly involved in the Syrian conflict. We are seeking individual donations to carry out our work. Please consider supporting our work through our Patreon page.

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