Syrian Archive

Preserving documentation of human rights violations.

The Syrian Archive is an initiative launched by a collective of human rights activists dedicated to preserving open source documentation relating to human rights violations and other crimes committed by all sides during the conflict in Syria.

Our goal is to preserve the most valuable material to ensure it is organized and accessible for use by current researchers, journalists and others with an interest in the conflict as well as to facilitate the work of future historians and investigators involved in transitional justice and accountability efforts.

3992 Total Incidents Preserved | Alleged civilian casualties from Russian attacks : 1634 | Use of illegal weapons : 808 | Unlawful attacks : 790 | Other : 537 | Specifically protected persons and objects : 149 | Violation of children's rights : 21 | Sieges and economic, social and cultural rights : 18 | Arbitrary and forcible displacement : 18 |

HO_33d8f Targeting Abedeen hospital with cluster munitions 22/04/2017 IDLIB Specifically protected persons and objects
CW_3b820 Orient agency documents new testimonies by chemical massacre survivors. 16/04/2017 IDLIB : Khan Shaykhun Use of illegal weapons
CW_14966 Survivors testimonies after the chemical massacre in Khan-Shikhon. 15/04/2017 IDLIB : Khan Shaykhun Use of illegal weapons
RU_94f73 Intensive raids of Russia and the regime on the neighborhoods of Jisr al-Shughour city in Idlib 14/04/2017 IDLIB : Jisr ash-Shughur Unlawful attacks
CW_0dafd3 Testimonies of the chemical massacre survivors in Khan-Shikhon. 14/04/2017 IDLIB : Khan Shaykhun Use of illegal weapons